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Easthampton Senior Center Building Access Plan


The Easthampton Senior Center is open for indoor and outdoor activities starting August 2nd, 2021. As we prepare for a “new normal”, please understand that the safety of our participants and clients is the number one priority. With guidance from the Easthampton Public Health Department, the ECOA has created a reopening plan that allows our center to take a cautious and phased-in approach by implementing a few COVID-19 restrictions (please see below). We know that these restrictions will limit some indoor activities & events, however, it is important to keep in mind that they are not permanent.

COVID-19 based limitations are as follows:

While the restrictions on masks and social distancing have been lifted, the ECOA will require those who have not been vaccinated to wear a mask. In addition, if you’ve been vaccinated and feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please continue to wear one. *A mask mandate will stay in effect for COA Transportation until further notice.

 Participant maximums for the Easthampton Senior Center:

There is a maximum number of participants per room, based on both a three -feet social distancing protocol and a 10 person per 1,000 square feet (per room) recommendation, taken from the state’s Safety Standards and Checklist for Places of Worship, which is referenced as an occupancy standard by the April 28, 2021 Planning Tool for Aging Services Network Document that was co-created by the MCOA and the EOEA.

*All participants and clients will be required to fill out a visitation log-in sheet and sign into My Senior Center before an activity or event begins.

Main Floor: A maximum of 25 people for activities/events; and a maximum of 15 people for exercise and movement-based classes.


Fitness Room members will be required to make reservations with the COA Receptionist (413-527-6151 ext. 0) no earlier than one business day before coming in to exercise. We will offer several 45 minute time-slots throughout the day (Monday-Friday 8:15am to 4pm) that members can sign up for. If a time-slot remains vacant, a member can choose to extend their session. Be sure to check-in with staff on the day of your reserved time-slot to see if this is an option.   

Monday- Friday Time slots listed below:           

8:15am-9:00am       11:15-12pm              2pm-2:45pm                                               

9:15am-10am          12:15-1pm               3:00pm-3:45pm 

10:15-11am             1pm-1:45pm             

Please know that this system is temporary and we plan on returning to our normal operations (i.e. extended hours and no reservations) in the near future. Thank you for your patience. we transition members back into the building. 

To make a reservations please call 413-527-6151 and press 0 for the COA Receptionist.

Tranquility Room: 3 people                Downstairs Classroom: 5 people    
TV Room: 5 people                              Foot Care room: 2 people                  

Kitchen: 3 people                                 Lounge and Billiards area: 4 people at set times.

Dining: There will be no onsite luncheons until further notice. Additionally, participants will be prohibited from bringing food into the center.


*The Highland Valley Elder Services “Grab and Go Meals” will still be offered every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am-12pm at 50 Payson Avenue (City Hall).  

The Easthampton Council on Aging & Enrichment Center (ECOAE) is a municipal department of the City of Easthampton.


The ECOAE provides information, and some direct services to Easthampton residents age 55+  The ECOAE has many relevant resources for seniors, their caregivers, families and others dealing with age related issues.

 The ECOAE works in conjunction with Easthampton city departments and various senior service agencies.  Our mission and purpose is: to provide social, recreational, health/fitness, programming, free outreach resources and help including intervention, information.We offer educational seminars and  programs for senior residents in Easthampton, and secondarily, seniors in the surrounding communities.


The Easthampton Council on Aging has included "Enrichment Center" in its title to broaden awareness of our many levels of service and programs for area residents age 55+.  Priority is given to Easthampton residents age 55+,there are some exceptions for events and programs held at the center so they are open to all communities/ages.  Please call 527-6151 for more information if you are interested in attending programming or events and can not find your answer listed on our website or newsletter.

19 Union Street, Easthampton, MA  01027 | Call  413-527-6151 

Open Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8AM - 4PM,

Tuesday & Thursday 8AM - 7PM,

Saturday 9AM - Noon