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Programs at the Easthampton Council on Aging Enrichment Center are designed for and targeted to people 55 years of age and older.  Others may participate when staff have been consulted in advance.  In order to best serve all qualified individuals, the Enrichment Center has adopted certain standards of independence and behavior for participants Participants are urged to arrange for a personal companion if they need special assistance in their daily routines, including personal and medical care.

In the best interest of participants, the Easthampton Council on Aging/Enrichment Center recommends that participants complete the Emergency Procedure Form, which lists an individuals medical conditions, medications, emergency contacts and more. This form is especially helpful if an emergency situation should arise.  Forms are available at the front desk.  

If any inappropriate behavior is witnessed or reported, staff will use discretion to take corrective actions, i.e. ask the participant to abstain from inappropriate behavior, or if necessary, contact police, doctor, ambulance, or emergency contact.


Contents of the Policy Procedures sections are listed below:









The Easthampton Council on Aging/Enrichment Center shall be a friendly and inviting place for seniors to congregate.  Behavior which inhibits people from using and enjoying the Center is inappropriate.  Inappropriate behavior may result in loss of Enrichment Center privileges.  This policy is intended to make participants feel welcome and to provide reasonable rules of behavior, enforced for the benefit of all participants.

Concerns about inappropriate behavior should be channeled directly to the Executive Director of the Council on Aging/Enrichment Center. The Executive Director (or designee) shall take appropriate actions under this policy statement.


Inappropriate behavior includes any behavior which is disruptive to participants or staff at the Council on Aging/Enrichment Center, including:
*Violation of posted Enrichment Center rules;
*Offensive and/or rude behavior or language, shouting or loud discourse;
*Threatening or intimidating behavior or language, verbal abuse;
*Hitting, slapping or other inappropriate physical contact;
*Offensive hygiene;
*Stealing or damaging Enrichment Center property;
*Solicitation for personal or improper purpose;
*Any crime, misdemeanor or violation of City Ordinances.



Any staff member may request that inappropriate behavior cease immediately. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the Executive Director (or designee) may request that the individual leave the building and tell the offender that police will be called if he/she does not leave at once. If the individual refuses to leave, the police will be called immediately.

Loss of Enrichment Center Privileges: After consultation with the Easthampton Council on Aging Board of Directors and the Executive Director, it may be determined that the privilege to attend the Enrichment Center will be revolved.  If restrictions are warranted, the Executive Director will provide a letter to the individual restricting attendance at the Senior Center for up to one month for the first offense and up to six months for additional offenses. Additional violations may result in police intervention.

D)  EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: An emergency situation is any situation in which an individual’s actions are perceived to present an imminent danger to the life or safety of himself/herself or others.  Such incidents include assault and other crimes of violence or misdemeanors, or the threat or attempt to commit such crimes.  When an individual observes such behavior, the police shall be called immediately. AS OF 2019 The ECOA has adopted a 'Falls Policy"


1. It is the responsibility of each individual to maintain habits of personal hygiene and cleanliness so as to not cause offense to other participants.  Participants must be responsible for personal care, i.e. hygiene, toileting, continence, overall cleanliness and eating. The Enrichment Center is not responsible for providing assistance with personal care.

2. Have a clear understanding of appropriate behavior, i.e. no disturbances or disruptions; use of common courtesy interacting with other participants, respect for their property and for the building.  Profanity will not be tolerated in any form, spoken or written.

3. Discrimination towards any person for any reason will not be tolerated.

4. Be responsible for your own supervision and be capable of independent decision making; ability to plan and meet transportation requests, lunch reservations, trip reservations, and financial transactions for Enrichment Center activities.

5. Be reasonably oriented to surroundings at and around the Enrichment Center; be able to access activity areas.

6. Be responsible for your own individual health care, i.e. medications, special diets, medical appointments, emergency provisions. The Enrichment Center is not responsible for providing assistance with medications and other personal health and medical care.

7. Refrain from bringing alcohol or illegal substances on the premises.  Refrain from inebriated behavior.  Staff will take appropriate action if a participant is deemed intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances.

8. Adhere to Enrichment Center policies regarding smoking restrictions, health and dress codes.

9. If a participant cannot meet the required standards, the Executive Director is available to share resources and to discuss options.  It is our hope to provide a welcoming atmosphere for as many community seniors as possible.


The Easthampton Council on Aging/Enrichment Center aims to insure high quality, professional service to all of its participants. The Enrichment Center serves the community most effectively when everyone abides by the following guidelines. Those who fail to abide will be required to leave the premises.

*Audio Equipment:  Playing audio equipment so that others can hear it is not allowed.

*Bicycles:  Bicycles must be parked in designated areas outside the building.

*Cuddling:  Excessive displays of affection are inappropriate behavior for the Enrichment Center.

*Computer Equipment:  The abuse of Enrichment Center computer equipment violates the law (MGL, Ch. 266, Sec. 100) and will be prosecuted.  Abuse of equipment includes banging on the keyboard or other use of excessive force, misappropriation of hardware or software, and attempts to alter the software.

*Damages:  Those who damage or deface Enrichment Center materials or property will be prosecuted (MGL, Ch.266, Section 100).

*Disturbances:  Creating a disturbance by making loud noises, talking loudly, or engaging in other disruptive conduct is not allowed (MGL, Ch. 272, Sec. 41).

*Feet:  Participants with bare feet are not permitted in the building.

*Interference:  Interfering with another person’s right to use the Enrichment Center or with the Enrichment Center staff’s performance of their duties is not allowed.

*Intoxication/Drugs:  Participants who are suspected of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, will be asked to leave the Enrichment Center immediately.

*Furniture (misuse of):  In order to maintain clean and attractive Enrichment Center facilities and furniture, it is forbidden to sit on tables and heating units, place feet on furniture, lie on the floor (except for exercise programs), or to deface walls or the elevator.

*Personal Possessions:  Personal possessions of Enrichment Center participants should not be left unattended at any time.  The Enrichment Center is not responsible for any personal property brought into the Enrichment Center and is unable to guarantee the security of such items against loss or theft.

*Rest Rooms:  Misusing the rest rooms (I.e. using them as laundry, smoking or washing facilities) is not allowed.

*Running:  For your safety and for the safety of other participants, no running is allowed in the Enrichment Center building.

*Soliciting:  Outside vendors or individuals may not solicit participants or staff for donations or sale of merchandise.  This activity is not allowed on Enrichment Center property unless authorized by the Executive Director in advance.

*Staff Offices:  Participants should respect the privacy of the Enrichment Center staff and not enter staff offices without first knocking upon entering a closed door.  If a staff person is talking on the telephone, please respect their privacy and wait outside their office until the staff person indicates that they are available.

*Threats:  Threatening behavior, including, but not limited to violence, threats of violence or possession of weapons is not allowed. Immediately call the police.

*Tobacco:  Smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited in the Enrichment Center and under the back ramp area. (see MGL, Ch. 270, Sec. 21-22).

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