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The UMass Boston Dept. of Gerontology is conducting a study on older adults aged 90+ and their senior children, aged 65+. They are seeking interview subjects (in both age categories) and will pay subjects $40. Please contact them if you are interested: (413) 297-9792, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ECOA Outreach Worker Hayley Wood will be calling senior children of parents (aged 90+) to alert people to participate in the study, and to get permission to share contact information with the people running the study. The ECOA is not conducting the UMASS study and is NOT the entity who would be making payment to participants.



Seeking Drivers for our "Companion Driver Program".

This grant supported program requires a volunteer to use their own vehicle to transport seniors who are unable to use our van transport system. Seniors need transport to critical medical appointments,small grocery trips and more.

  A back ground check is required for all drivers and a small milage stipend is available.

 If you are interested in participating in this program,

Please contact us at 527-6151



FRIDAYS IN JUNE 10:30-11:30


Harmonica for Health

Lenny has blended his decades of Harmonica, Tai Chi and Meditation experience into a unique, safe, fun breathing program. Initially the programs goals were to assist people with breathing conditions and pulmonary diseases but it soon became evident that an overlap occurred and these methods could assist the quality of life of others. This is an inclusive program for anyone that is interested in improving awareness of breathing for breathing conditions, stress reduction, harmonica playing or just having fun! It all starts with breathing awareness, then control.  We will discuss and practice simple breathing methods, including pursed lip breathing and make it fun by learning how to play a harmonica!  Classes will consist of some simple warm up exercises, breathing methods and harmonica playing! 

Please register for this program by June 4th $10.00 covers the cost of the 4 week program and includes your shiny new harmonica! 

*The ECOA has refund policies in place for classes. If you have questions, please ask before registering.





Want to see Easthampton? Get your sneakers and sign up! Led by an experienced group leader. Wednesday Mornings 9:30-10:30 am Free to Easthampton 55+

Wear appropriate clothing and shoes. Bring a water bottle! Register ASAP

Meets at the Center to start.

Waiver form needed for participation



Coffee Hour 10 :00-11:00

with State Representative


Open question and answer time. Got a question? Get an your answer directly from your representative.

Light refreshments.


We invite you to share your experiences on aging in Easthampton and your ideas for making it easier to age in place. In 2018, 1,800 residents aged 55 + contributed to a study that created a picture of aging in Easthampton and offered recommendations for the ECOA and the city to meet the needs of older adults. What was learned? What are the chief challenges of growing old here? How can we, together, create an age-friendly community? This is where you come in!

For the month of June, the ECOA is inviting you to write on our white board wall in the basement level all-purpose room, other clearly marked boards in the main space, suggestion boxes, and a table at the Emily Williston Memorial Library. Bound copies of the ECOA Planning Study are available at the ECOA and library to refer to for facts that are important to you and recommendations for creating an easier future. New ideas encouraged! Contact Hayley Wood with ideas, questions, or to receive a PDF file of the study: 527-6151 x136



19 Union Street, Easthampton, MA  01027 | Call  413-527-6151 

Open Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8AM - 4PM,

Tuesday & Thursday 8AM - 7PM,

Saturday 9AM - Noon