Special Announcements


The UMass Boston Dept. of Gerontology is conducting a study on older adults aged 90+ and their senior children, aged 65+. They are seeking interview subjects (in both age categories) and will pay subjects $40. Please contact them if you are interested: (413) 297-9792, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ECOA Outreach Worker Hayley Wood will be calling senior children of parents (aged 90+) to alert people to participate in the study, and to get permission to share contact information with the people running the study. The ECOA is not conducting the UMASS study and is NOT the entity who would be making payment to participants.



Seeking Drivers for our "Companion Driver Program".

This grant supported program requires a volunteer to use their own vehicle to transport seniors who are unable to use our van transport system. Seniors need transport to critical medical appointments,small grocery trips and more.

  A back ground check is required for all drivers and a small milage stipend is available.

 If you are interested in participating in this program,

Please contact us at 527-6151






Friday March 8th at 11:30-1:30
Open to all communities
Our Collaborators at Polish National Credit Union
are sponsoring
free lunch and seminar with Representatives from District Attorney’s Office and Local Easthampton Officials
Elder Financial Abuse : how to identify it, ( or: how to hang on to your money!)
GREAT information for seniors, caregivers, and elder support people.
THURSDAY MARCH 14th 1:00pm Free and Open to Public CALL FOR A SEAT BY MARCH 8TH
A fabulous visual walk through with Q&A about the building . DO YOU remember the state hospital? Come talk about your experiences and learn from local experts.
Mark Rossler has also authored a book on the subject which is available separately from the presentation. Mr. Roessler has worked as a webmaster, photographer, journalist, editor, and museum exhibit designer. Along with panoramic photography and architecture, his passion is for nineteenth century history—in particular, the life and works of Frederick Law Olmsted and the events surrounding the Franco-Prussian War. He lives in a red bungalow in Western Massachusetts with his artist wife, giant son, and their tiny circus dog.
Christopher Sparks- local history grew up in Northampton, MA through the 1980s and 90s. He has always written but never actually considered himself a writer. His parents met at UMass, from which he graduated, and works there today.